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DSM audio is a distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg for a selection of fine audio products. High end audio is our passion and a passion that we would love to share with You. We do consider distribution as a two-way traffic, so we’re not just pushing boxes into a market, but we are also a link between the end user -via his dealer- and the manufacturer.

In this matter we can proudly say we do really co-operate in the research and development of many of our brands. This synergy is beneficial for all parties, non the least ; our valued customers who can enjoy the result of this added value.

New Brand

Montaudio was the brainchild of a group of avid audiophiles who were not satisfied with off-the-shelf components and set out to create their own. To reflect the natural beauty of its home country, the product lines take on the names of famous natural landmarks, uniquely imbuing the Kiwi spirit into each and every creation. Through careful application of the very best materials to the expertly hand-crafted finishes, the creators aim to not only delight critical listeners, but to also partake in a visual spectacle any audiophile would proudly display.​

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